[Standards-JIG] Chat Session Negotiation - negotations for other resources?

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 02:05:58 UTC 2006

Adam Nemeth wrote:
>     Is it possible with current XEP-0155 standard to negotiate chats 
> for other resources than the one the chat was originally initiated for?

Yes, since version 0.8 (October 2nd) Chat Session Negotiation specifies 
a new "continue" field that enables the transfer of sessions to a 
different resource (see Section 2.3 Switching Resources).

>     (Implementation should be as simple and wide-spread as possible, 
> to enable nearly any jabber-client to start conversation with the 
> given contact, of course)

There are currently very few implementations of XEP-0155. But I hope 
that will change once it becomes a Draft standard (perhaps at the end of 
this month).

IMHO we need to encourage more implementations because XEP-0155 is a big 
step towards implementing end-to-end encrypted sessions (XEP-0116 

- Ian

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