[Standards-JIG] Re: XMPP Ping method?

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Sat Nov 4 02:22:09 UTC 2006

> <iq type="get" to="juliet at gmail.com" id="keepalive">
>  <ping xmlns="jabber:iq:ping"/>
> </iq>

> <iq type="result" from="juliet at gmail.com" id="keepalive"/>

Yup. That's pretty much what I'm looking for.

There other few other variations:
<iq type="get" to="myserver " id="keepalive">
<iq type="get" to="not_my_server " id="keepalive">
<iq type="get" to="user at server/resource " id="keepalive">

Maybe with this we can even talk a certain server into not sending "."
as the whitespace keep-alive over s2s links....

Pings makes me happy, make my customers happy, and will be implemented
by me about 30 seconds after the XEP goes live. 

Chris Mullins

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