[Standards-JIG] Re: Yahoo-style <ding> / BUZZ

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Sat Nov 4 14:46:15 UTC 2006

> Peter, do you think XEP-131 is the right way to approach this, or do
> you have some other idea?

Personally, i think there's a difference between a (continuous) chat  
state saying 'pay attention to me', and a (one-shot) message (or  
addition to a message) drawing attention just this once. They do  
overlap in what they achieve, but i feel that the first one will  
start annoying me more, and the second one can add extra things to a  
conversation and gives more control over how *much* attention you  
want :-)
I think I would implement it as an extra <buzz> tag in a message.


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