[Standards-JIG] XEP-0136 Thoughts and Musings

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Nov 6 22:49:06 UTC 2006

Chris Mullins wrote:
> JLS Wrote:
> [Storing the whole message]
>> Do we really want to see proprietary 
>> extensions flourish to compensate
>> easily corrected shortcomings?
> I'm not sure if this would comply even if we did store everything. 
> I know in the customer cases we often see (and I assume other commercial
> entities see), logging messages isn't enough. We need to log...
> everything. This mechanism doesn't log IQ or Presence packets, so I keep
> thinking that a compliance mechanism on the back end will still be
> needed.
> I completely agree that all of the various types of bodies, as well as
> the languages, need to be stored. Logging only "<body/>" elements is not
> at all sufficient.  

Especially when the messages don't even contain <body/> elements (think
application-to-application messaging).


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