[Standards-JIG] rfc3920bis: Stanza Acknowledgements

Michal 'vorner' Vaner michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Tue Nov 7 08:40:56 UTC 2006


On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 01:24:06PM +1300, Bruce Fitzsimons wrote:
> Dave Cridland wrote:
> >>
> >Assuming TCP simply recovers for him, is Michal offline, or is he 
> >online with a high latency?
> This is the crux of the matter. We're discussing it in the other thread, 
> restated: Who determines if you are off-line - the server or the client? 
> If the client, how can the server know the difference between transient 
> and permanent disconnection?

I agree with the principle of timeouting. I just said I would like to
see the time amount configurable, for I would set it to more than 30
seconds, while others might want to leave it like it is. Not that
timeouts are bad.

> >I'd have thought the latter. Reconnection shouldn't really impact him 
> >functionally, since he'll be online before anyone notices, and he 
> >won't have lost any messages.
> >
> "Before anybody notices"...in your application presence notifications 
> should be delayed to account for this. In others accurate presence is 
> important for resource to do  resource switching.
> Shall we continue in the other thread?
> Cheers,
> Bruce

You can fool some of the people all of the time,
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Michal "vorner" Vaner
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