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Tue Nov 7 09:55:41 UTC 2006

Tomasz Sterna schrieb:
> Dnia 06-11-2006, pon o godzinie 09:11 -0700, Peter Saint-Andre napisał(a):
>> This is the ancient debate between "polite blocking" (you don't know
>> that I'm blocking you) and "impolite blocking" (you're a loser so I'm
>> blocking you).
> I would advocate the opposite.
> Leaving a person waiting for an reply forever, wasting his time, is even
> more impolite than telling directly, that it's no use of trying to contact.

I think, that it is useless to discuss what is more polite to do. That's
not a question of the protocol, but a question of culture. Therefore
different people, living in different cultures might need different ways
their server is acting.

It is okay for me to have a "SHOULD" and an error type a server can
respond to blocked messages. As long is it is no "MUST" the server still
can be configured to act differently if you are deploying it in an
environment, where it's better not to reject blocked messages.

But I agree with Daniel, that the best thing would be to be able to
configure the way a server handles blocking on a per-contact basis.

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