[Standards-JIG] Offline message order

Michal 'vorner' Vaner michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Fri Nov 10 06:55:13 UTC 2006


On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 05:44:27PM -0500, Jason Tucker wrote:
> I've done some digging through the docs, and can't seem to find an answer
> for this. Is there any requirement for a server to deliver offline messages
> in the same order that they were initially sent? If there are timestamps
> included in each message, shouldn't it be up to the client to sort the list
> (or not)? If there is a protocol spec that defines this behavior, please
> point me to it, because I haven't seen it yet. My assumption at this point
> is that this is simply a client implimentation issue.
No matter what the spec says, but what if there is client that ignores
timestamps? Wouldn't be nice if the server at last kept the order?

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