[Standards-JIG] Historical XEPs

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 21:58:56 UTC 2006

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> IMHO it would be good to discuss upgrading more of these to Standards
> Track. The following seem especially worthy:
> - Private XML Storage and the specs that depend on it

Hopefully we can depricate this in favour of PEP.

> - Entity Time

IIRC we had a rough concensus to create an (almost) duplicate Standards 
Track XEP (the difference being that the new XEP would use XEP-0082)? 
And *immediately* depricate XEP-0090. The transition should be smooth 
because it would be trivial for implementations to respond to both 
protocols over a long transition period.

> - Last Activity
> - Delayed Delivery
> - Software Version


> I think that PASS and Message Events should be deprecated.


> Search and vcard-temp are borderline Standards-Track I think.

If vCard became Standards Track then we'd have two Standards Track XEPs 
with similar purposes. It would be nice to depricate vCard in favour of 
XEP-0154 (User Profile) and PEP.

IMHO search isn't a pretty protocol (for historical reasons). If we make 
it Standards Track then now might be a good time to move the protocol 
forward another step? (e.g. by depricating the fields outside the x:data 

- Ian

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