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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Fri Nov 17 11:25:46 UTC 2006

Hi Jean-Louis!

Jean-Louis Seguineau schrieb:
> I support Matthias approach here. If we make components able to connect
> directly, they become de-facto similar to IM servers, with the associated
> advantages and drawbacks. In particular, it could impose a dependence on DNS
> which components do not need.

I did not propose components to do full s2s. It would be unneccessary to
let all components implement s2s themselves.

I proposed, that the architecture (component connecting to the server
which does the real s2s for this component) is not changed. I just said,
that we could describe this same architecture in I different way: a
component does s2s, but delegates this s2s to a "smart host" (the server
it connects to).

But if you want a component, that does s2s itself ... you are free to
implement it that way ... that's also possible with the current
protocols as well.

> IMO components are meant to extend the functionality of an associated
> server, and sometimes do not provide services which are visible to an end
> users. They may need to receive stanzas independently from any DNS
> resolution. In many cases, they will be part of a greater whole comprising a
> home server.

If they connect to their smart host (what we call "server" at present),
this server can route all packets to the component without a DNS lookup.

> Rationalizing the namespace is probably the way to go. But as many servers
> use the "jabber:component:accept" to differentiate from an S2S connection we
> need to come up with a better alternative than just connecting on a
> different port. Maybe adding a new optional feature on the stream...

No ... I did not propose to differentiate using the port. I'd say we
differentiate using the authorization ID the component uses when doing SASL.

I said that a different port is optional ... i.e. I wanted to say, that
my proposal does not define, that a server has to handle s2s and
component2s connections on the same port. This is because in some
implementations s2s and component2s connections are handled in different
processes, therefore they need two different ports. While other servers
(e.g. jabberd2 at some former state) might implement s2s directly in
their "router" and accept both types of connections on the same port.

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