[Standards-JIG] PEP - multiple independently publishable items under each namespace

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Nov 21 16:50:07 UTC 2006

Ian Paterson wrote:
> I seem to remember some initial discussions about extending XEP-0163
> (PEP) to make it possible to publish several independently
> accessible/publishable data items under a single namespace.

One approach we talked about back in September was to specify that the
PEP node names are simply identifiers and that they can be wrappers for
data in the same namespace:


So perhaps we would define a registry of PEP node names and associate
each one with a particular payload type. So we'd have different node
names for keys, but they'd all use the same format. Same thing for
different node names that use Atom or x:data or whatever.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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