[Standards-JIG] NEW: XEP-0198 (Stanza Acknowledgements)

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Fri Nov 24 11:02:48 UTC 2006

Hello guys,

I am trying to catch up on this discussion and I must confess that I  
am lost.

The business case is the following:
- We need to be sure that we will not lose messages
- We need to detect as soon as possible that a client or server is no  
more reachable / connected.

This is two differents need, that maybe should be addressed  
independantly (Ack and ping) or not (ack with empty message can be

When I did into the large XEP corpus, I see several overlapping and  
competing approaches:
- XEP-0022: Message Events can be use to confirm on the client side  
that a message has been received / displayed (or the server can  
confirm that the message is online). This XEP seems to superceded by  
XEP-0085: Chat States, that only take and extend the "composing"  
part, and ignore the message events parts (offline, displayed,  
- XEP-0079: Advanced message processing. The goal of this XEP overlap  
with the topic we are currently discussing.
- XEP-0184: Message receipts. This one seems to complete AMP (0079).
- XEP-0198: Stanza Acknowledgments: Defines acks and ping.
- XEP-0199: XMPP Ping.

 From the implementor perspective, XEP-184 require XEP-0079. The  
resulting standard seems very complex compared to the initial  
business rules we are targeting.

So, today, if we are going to implement something to satisfy those  
needs, what should we do ?
I am for now a bit confused.
What is the current ideas and where are we going to on those aspects ?
Some synthesis might be needed at some point to help implementors.

(I hope I will not break any energy with this message)

Mickaël Rémond

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