[Standards-JIG] Lurking and JEP-045

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
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What about this one?

      label='Roles for which Presence is Broadcast'/>


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Greg wrote:
>   1. Moderated events: a large moderated event, such as a conference
>      panel discussion or a "chat with famous celebrity" event,
>      typically has a few voiced participants and a bunch of
>      spectators.  The spectators typically do not care about each
>      others' presence (although they may be interested in the number
>      of spectators), and any client notifications of other spectators
>      entering or leaving would just be noise.  However, if the room is
>      JEP-045 compliant it must send O(n^2) stanzas to apprise the
>      spectators of each others' presence.  For the sake of scalable
>      traffic costs and to reduce client noise, such a room might want
>      to enable or even force spectators to lurk.
This case seems compeling.

> The basic approach to enabling lurking options in JEP-045 is to relax
> section 7.1.3 to allow some occupants to be hidden (and thus excepted
> from the "MUST send presence" rules) as long as they haven't sent any
> messages.  A room might then be configured to defer the presence
> broadcast for a new participant until they first send a message, or to
> withhold presence broadcasts for all unvoiced occupants.  This
> relaxation should be completely transparent to existing clients, since
> they will never see a message from a hidden occupant.
As long as all participants understand very clearly that there are (or 
may be) other people in the room, this seems a valid "relaxation".

- Ian

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