[Standards-JIG] Re: Message importance

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Sun Oct 8 17:02:41 UTC 2006

Ian Paterson wrote:
> Tomasz Melcer wrote:
>> Sometimes I want to send a message to friend to notify him of 
>> something unimportant, but he is DND and i don't want to disturb him. 
>> The ideal solution for that would be to mark message as 'unimportant', 
>> so that my friend's server would store it and send as soon as he is 
>> online.
> This could be achieved with XEP-0079, since AMP is extensible...

i agree with Ian.

There is lots of stuff which we should include with AMP.
If you send a message which is not important (no IM message) then we 
also should be able to tell the server some routing rules. If a 
unimportant message could not be delivered for any reason then i don't 
want a immediate bounce. The server should put this message in a spool 
and retry to deliver it according to the rules i told him with AMP in my 


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