[Standards-JIG] New version of chess game protocol

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Oct 9 08:25:22 UTC 2006

> They do not look too much nice to me. And, when I want bots to live on
> the component, then one JID means bot and other means game.
You shouldnt be trying to use the JID itself to work out if it is a game 
or a bot, you should be using disco for that, so I doesnt matter what 
the JID itself looks like.
> And, if I want to send messages in a game to:
> a) Only selected player
> b) Some set of players, lets say one team
> c) All of them
> Do I need to have more game JIDs, each for the team and other for all,
> or is it possible to do otherwise?
a) you would send the message to them

b) as teams are something that are only going to be appropriate to 
certain types of game and not all their are two ways to implement it, 
the game creates extra MUC rooms for each team, or you simply send the 
message to each team member individually, you dont need any extra JIDs 
on the game server component.

c) you would use the games MUC room
> Well, the idea about the referee bots was that:
> 1) If the client does not specify one, the component assigns you one.
> 2) If you want different referee, you can choose (if you want special
> rules, or you want a real person to be a referee)
> They are exposed for users so they can choose different one than the
> default or bring their own if they need it.
> And I do not think a game component which knows all the rules of all the
> games is a good idea. If you have 100 games with each 10 variants, you
> have quite big piece of code I would not like to debug personally. If
> someone comes with a new variant, you need to replace the whole
> component. Same comes if you find a bug in one game? Or when admin does
> not want some particular game on his server (let's say there is a game
> A, whose validation takes huge CPU time and so many people play it the
> server becomes unusable)? This way, users can start their own referees,
> if really forced to, but do not need to care (nor the clients do) under
> usual situation.
Sorry but that does not convince me at all, it need not be complex to 
have different games and variants in a server component if its 
programmed and architected correctly, each game can easily just be an 
addon to the core game component that in and of itself need not be 
complicated, also each component can easily have a set of config files 
that contain information about each variant of the game it supports and 
both the addon's and the config files can easily be added and removed at 
runtime without the entire server needing be be restarted, so you dont 
need to replace the whole component as you state, it need not be complex 
to debug as you would debug each game individually, if you find a but in 
a game you just replace that particular addon with the bugfixed copy, 
when an admin doesnt want a paricular game or variant they simply dont 
deploy that addon or config file, there is no need to add all the 
complexity associated with your referee bots if these are your reasons 
for them.


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