[Standards-JIG] New version of chess game protocol

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Oct 10 12:34:45 UTC 2006

> Which is the thing I do not like. The client is powerless. Do you limit
> which messages users can send as well?
In what way is the client powerless?, if they want to play a particular 
game and a particular server does not support it they just use one that 
does instead, doesn't seem powerless to me. If a server admin wanted to 
limit the messages a user can send that's entirely up to them and not 
something we should be trying to prevent.
> And I want just the possibility to have modillarity across different
> computers possible.
Which it is, its entirely up to the server admin how they implement and 
deploy their game server component, if they want to deploy it over 
different computers they can, this is simply an implementation issue, 
not a protocol one and does not need referee bots to make it possible.
> Admin may want the game referee (included in the game component) to run
> on his server, for some reasons. But he should not prevent users to run
> their own referee on their own computer. I just do not want to be
> dependant on the server completely, I'm the one who chooses the game,
> not the server, as like as I choose what I talk about in a chat
Why shouldn't a server admin be able to prevent users from running their 
own bots? Its his server afterall. The client is always choosing the 
game rather than the server, its simply a matter of the server offering 
a set of games for clients to use and its up to the clients if they want 
to use them, what you are saying is more analogous to going into a 
restaurant and asking to buy a hammer and expecting them to provide it 
to you rather than going to a hardware store which offers them for sale.


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