[Standards-JIG] JEP-0171 Questions (Language Translation) - Registering a Translator

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Wed Oct 11 07:35:29 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 09:53 -0700, Chris Mullins wrote:
> [..]
> <presence>
>   <x xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/langtrans'>
>     <translation name='Tower of Babel Translation Bot'/>
>   </x>
> </presence>
> When the server sees this presence that JID and Name can be added into the discovery items that the server sends back for disco requests. This eliminates signifgiant configuration from the server, and allows a single bot to provide translation for a wide range of XMPP servers. 

Use Entity Capabilities for this.



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