[Standards-JIG] proto-xep - File Sharing - PEP Based

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Wed Oct 11 20:54:29 UTC 2006

[control over files]

Let's say I want all the .mp3 files from my local garage band to be
available to everyone. I don't need authentication, authorization, or
anything. This would be a PubSub Anonymous node, and would work out of
the box. 

Let's say I want all of my Coversant Design Documents to be available to
Coversant Employees (all of whom are on my roster). I can do this with
PubSub as well. 

Let's say I want to allow other people who work at Coversant to publish
new design documents, and have those files show up in my Node. Pubsub
has a mechanism by which I can grant people permissions to do this. 

Let's say I want to explicitly forbid the Evil Marketing Guys from
seeing my design documents, even through they also work at Coversant. I
can do this with PubSub as well. 

Having access to all of that infrastructure, which is already done and
working, makes the filing sharing case much richer. 

Chris Mullins

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1,2: Excellent idea. I'm starting on it now (to the detriment of my 
homework.. :) ).

This also got me thinking about obtaining the same file through multiple

means. For example, if the files are also available on a 
web/ftp/bittorrent server and this is just an announcer, then it can 
include their urls in the listing, while (optionally) still having 
direct filesend available, too.

3,4,5: The management of who has access to which files was left out, 
since I figured it was up to the server-side implementation to decide 
how to manage this. All that the protocol defines is, given a set of 
files which you have determined as available to a given user, how to 
notify the user about those files. I might be missing your point,

Chris Mullins wrote:
> File sharing is great, but I want more:
> 1 - I want notifications when a list of files changes
> 2 - I want notifications when a new version of a file is posted
> 3 - I want to be able to control who can see what
> 4 - I want it to be very easy to share files
> 5 - I want to manage roles and such of people
> These all mean PEP. Doing this "the hard way" using IQ means we're 
> missing out on a ton of very desirable functionality. We don't need to

> store the actual files in PEP (god forbid!) , but all the relevant
> should be in there. We can then store links to where the files can be 
> downloaded.
> --
> Chris Mullins

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