[Standards-JIG] Jingle xeps

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 19:35:00 UTC 2006

On 10/12/06, Jean-Louis Seguineau <jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net> wrote:
> I am also personally a little puzzled by what "raw UDP" exactly means.
> Is this
> a) what Matthew calls "udp encapsulated audio", or
> b) what Justin is hinting at, namely RTP.

RTP happens at the content level, not the transport level.
Jingle-Audio specifies that you should send RTP packets with audio
payload. A Jingle-desktop-sharing spec might define that you send VNC

The transport layer specifies HOW you send something. With Raw UDP,
you would wind up sending UDP RTP packets. With ICE, you send UDP RTP,
and some STUN. The telepathy transport would channel RTP packets over
the ether.

We should try to clarifiy this further

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