[Standards-JIG] Anyone here know a good relay and/or a media proxy for Jingle?

Thiago Rocha Camargo thiago at jivesoftware.com
Fri Oct 13 15:33:22 UTC 2006

Thanks Peter,

In the tests level could be a code or a relay deployment.
But what I´m really looking for is a code to run.


Peter Saint-Andre escreveu:
> Thiago Rocha Camargo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I´m starting to implement ICE in a Jingle API, and want to know if
>> someone knows a good media relay or a media proxy. Just like OpenSer etc...
> You want code to run, or a relay deployment to use?
> I've been researching this, too, because we probably want to run a STUN
> server at jabber.org. I guess that some STUN server codebases can also
> function as media relays. The best I've found is stund, which is hosted
> at Vovida.org -- but it is hard to find the most recent version! (In
> fact the Vovida folks emailed it to me.) The JSF may in fact take over
> operation of stunserver.org, which is one of the public STUN server
> deployments, but we're waiting until we get more IP addresses at our
> hosting provider.
> Peter

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