[Standards-JIG] Re: xmpp.org Namespaces

Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Fri Oct 13 17:28:12 UTC 2006

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Thu Oct 12 22:18:42 2006, Olivier Goffart wrote:
>> Why are namespaces URI strarting with http:// even if they are not an 
>> URL to a webpage ?
> They don't have to be a valid URL with a resource, although I agree that 
> we could make the result of resolving the URL be either a redirect to 
> the XEP, or a short note explaining its usage. It'd be cute, but largely 
> pointless - anyone who knows of the existence of namespace URIs will be 
> generally aware that they normally don't have a resource attached.

Oliver and Dave are right!

As is everybody else on this thread. What's the point of having a URI like:

if it doesn't go anywhere. Whoops. Wait. That does go somewhere. A page 
with information about Disco.

Well surely http://jabber.org/protocol/muc could be changed to a non-URL 
URI since it's useless. Oh wait. That URL leads to the MUC-related 
information -- the J/XEP and schemas!

And http://jabber.org/protocol/commands has ties back into J/XEP-50 
Ad-hoc Commands. I'm starting to see a trend here.

As for xmpp.org vs. jabber.org, I'm fairly indifferent. It apparently 
matters to some people, but let's not go mix namespaces within related 
J/XEPs, as I think that'll just be confusing... and a lot of these 
"extensions" are confusing enough as they are (have *you* tried 
implementing HTTP Binding?).


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