[Standards-JIG] Re: xmpp.org Namespaces

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Oct 13 21:48:37 UTC 2006

Chris Mullins wrote:
> [Snip All]
> Is there a reason we're not going with
> "xmpp://www.xmpp.org/muc/join-room" type URI's? 
> Now that we have this nice little IRI (or is it a URI? I can never keep
> those two straight!) we should be putting it to use. Seems like they
> would make great namespace names...

Er, I suggest that you read RFC 4622 more thoroughly. The preceding URI
doesn't make a lot of sense in the XMPP world. :-)

Besides which, we don't even run an XMPP service at xmpp.org yet. And
HTTP works just fine for file retrieval, no need for us to do that over


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