[Standards-JIG] File transfer in MUC

Mridul mridul at sun.com
Fri Oct 13 22:09:05 UTC 2006

JD Conley wrote:
>>   If I want to transfer a file to all participants in a muc , what
>> approach is the client/server supposed to take ?
>> If there is a solution for this already , please point me to it - I
>> could not find anything ...
> There isn't anything out there.
>> I am sure others might have alternate implementations and ideas ,
> would
>> be great to know how you solve this problem.
>> We support both (1) and (2) above with our client and server (based on
>> which version of client/server you talk to , and a bunch of config
>> options) - but would be great if there was some standard directive for
>> this usecase.
> Your (1) and (2) are both perfectly good implementations. In fact you
> may see an incarnation of (2) in an upcoming release of ours (perhaps we
> should chat about that later).

Problem I have with (2) is more from the point of view of a public 
It will not allow the user to 'attach' a file to the conference - so 
that people joining the conference 'later on' also have a way to 
retrieve the file.
Ofcourse , one way to look at it is , if you were not online when I 
tried sending you a file - you dont get it : like in normal case :-)
Yes , it would be great if we can chat more about this - it will be 
useful to come up with some guidelines such that any client can leverage 
this - not just mine with my server or yours with your server :-)

> However, in the long term, I think we should use
> Jingle/ICE/Psuedo-TCP/S5B/IBB/UPnP/whatever-it-takes to create a p2p
> mesh that could transfer files using a BitTorrent [1] style algorithm
> wrapped in XEP-defined control channels. The MUC room would also take
> part in the torrent and take the role of the tracker and probably a long
> term repository and policy enforcer.

Torrents would help us negotiate NAT's too ... interesting alternative 
which I did not consider in detail , thanks !


> -JD
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent

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