[Standards-JIG] rfc3921bis, RC3

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Sat Oct 14 01:18:08 UTC 2006

> Here we're talking about available presence, not unavailable. Without
> the <ignore/> it is possible to imagine scenarios where the server
> would
> not realise that an empty directed available presence stanza that it
> received is actually a response to one of the probes we are discussing.
> The server would then deliver the "directed available presence stanza"
> to the room, the room would broadcast it, and everyone's good presence
> data (show/status etc) would be overwritten with inaccurate data.

Agreed. I think it is essential to be able to differentiate this "fake" probe response from a "real" directed presence stanza.

Again, why can't we just persist directed presence? :)


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