[Standards-JIG] File transfer in MUC

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Sat Oct 14 18:17:58 UTC 2006

> I was thinking of a simple extension to this - if a file gets attached
> to the public muc (in some way) , it could get archived , picked up by
> later joinee's , etc too : not just current participants.
> I was thinking along these lines since it is alluded to in the muc
> and thought it might be a more generic solution.
> The current problem we have is - how can the client send a file to all
> participants of a muc : once this is solved , other requirements might
> come in later :-)

Sounds good. We just need to make sure we don't preclude requirements
other than file transfer.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few great uses of streaming
binary data to MUC participants.
1) File Transfer
2) Hello[2]?
3) Groove[1], anyone?
4) Voice Conference
5) Video Conference
6) Real Time Gaming
7) Avatars (ok, maybe a stretch)
8) 3D Modeling Collaboration

We need to facilitate the delivery of all these types of data both
one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many and also provide the ability for
it be persistent - maybe with http even. As Mridul mentions we already
have the streaming specs in place to make this happen. Either Jingle or
Bytestreams would be fine with me (as either could be extended for a p2p
mesh with a new profile). This could easily be something announced in
disco features for the conference component and conference room and
configurable through the x:data form.

This should be at least one new XEP on top of existing MUC for
establishing the stream. Maybe Mridul and I should stop whining and
write it? :)


[1] http://www.groove.net
[2] http://www.hello.com 

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