[Standards-JIG] Pubsub/PEP node creation with config

Indrek Juhani indrek at voipster.com
Tue Oct 17 21:21:20 UTC 2006


Some help for interpreting the XEPs, please.

My problem is a mismatch in examples of XEP-0060 and XEP-0163.
Both these XEPs give examples about how to create a node with 
configuration. And XEP-0163 should generally follow the XEP-0060...
XEP-0060 Example 120 (about create and config a node) contains:
<field var='pubsub#max_items'><value>10</value></field>
<field var='pubsub#access_model'><value>open</value></field>
<field var='pubsub#publish_model'><value>publishers</value></field>

while XEP-0163 Example 3 (about create and config a node) contains:
<x xmlns='jabber:x:data' type='submit'>
  <field var='FORM_TYPE' type='hidden'>
  <field var='pubsub#access_model'>

So, as you see, the submitted 'pubsub#access_model' value
is inside <option/> element in XEP-0163 and is without <option/>
in XEP-0060.

The XEP-0060 chapter "16.4.3 pubsub#node_config FORM_TYPE"
defines configuration parameter 'pubsub#access_model' as type of

XEP-0004: Data Forms, chapter "3.2 The Field element"
says: a field MAY contain <option/> element.
I do not understand from the XEP what relation the <option/> 
element has to 'list-single' type of field. Is <option/> 
mandatory (in submit) or not?

Anyway, the server that I am using, rejects the stanza with <option/>
element but accepts without it (i.e. it behaves the XEP-0060 way).

Should server accept both type of stanzas? Which approach should the
proper PEP client use?

- indrek

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