[Standards-JIG] Lost password XEP?

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sun Oct 22 00:21:49 UTC 2006


Zenon Kuder jr. schrieb:
> Is there any way for a server admin to force or encourage users to supply 
> their email addresses (e.g. using the in-band registration) so that they can 
> be sent a password if they lose it?

jabber:iq:register (the standard inband registration) had always
included a way that the server administrator requested the email address
of the user when registering for an account. - And I think most servers
even request the email address of the user.

The problem with it is, that no server I know enforce the client to
submit the email address. I guess the reason for this is, that if they
would force that, that some well know clients would no longer been able
to register accounts, as they are ignoring the Jabber/XMPP standards in
that point. (One well-known example for that is AFAIK Psi.)

> Admin could want users to fill email in the vcard but this way everyone could 
> read the email address and that's not desirable...

If the clients submit the e-mail address, it gets stored in the storrage
for the jabber:iq:register namespace. For more information please have a
look at XEP-0077.


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