[Standards-JIG] New version of chess game protocol

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Oct 25 08:23:38 UTC 2006

>> *) Choose the right MUC component automatically. I know you would never
>> try to play chess over IRC gateway, but what if there is a user, who
>> does not see the difference? The client should choose it automatically
>> if possible. How does the client recognize the MUC is suitable?
> It should choose the a MUC component from service discovery that has 
> the best looking disco results and that is not marked as IRC. It will 
> be immediately obvious to the client when it attempts a game in a room 
> if it is going to work or not (based on the echo from the room). If 
> this happens, the client should choose a different MUC, or should give 
> the user the option to choose from a pre-established list of good MUC 
> servers. Perhaps we should suggest the additional disco feature you 
> mentioned?
The better way of not ending up using an IRC gateway is to actually look 
at the disco identity of the component, IRC gateways have an identity of 
conference/irc whereas MUC has an identity of conference/text according 
to the jabber registrar, so this is pretty much a moot point.


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