[Standards-JIG] New version of chess game protocol

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Oct 25 08:36:21 UTC 2006

>> *) Allowing in only chess clients. Password is not 
>> nice way, since you need to let everyone know, 
>> so you can not just create the room and wait, 
>> is someone connects.
> You require that anyone sending presence to the room does so using
> Presence Capabilities, and that the capability resolves to a feature
> that the room requires. This would be a slight modification to MUC, but
> the room configuration data form would have a "required client presence
> features" and that would then be enforced.
>> *) Choose the right MUC component automatically. I know 
>> you would never try to play chess over IRC gateway, 
>> but what if there is a user, who does not see the 
>> difference? The client should choose it automatically 
>> if possible. How does the client recognize the MUC 
>> is suitable?
> Again, a slight change to MUC to allow the server in question to
> announce configured features. Features would be on a per-game server
> basis. You would also want to add Features into a room, so that you
> could Discover just "Chess" rooms, or "Checkers" rooms. 
There would be more logic required than that really for a lot of games, 
I far prefer Jack's solution of using MUC where its appropriate 
(handling the in game chat and move broadcasts) and having all the game 
specific logic in a separate component, rather than trying pile all of 
that into MUC, its far better to leave MUC as it is IMO.
>> *) If you wanted a game with referee, how would you 
>> do it? You would add referee to the room and he 
>> would just kick anyone who made an illegal move? 
>> Or retract the moves somehow? Or you would need 
>> to specify completely different protocol for 
>> the game with referee?
> I would probably use Voice. The only person with rights to actually
> speak in the room (aka: Issue a Move) would be the referee. You would
> sent moves to the moderator (which you can discover), and if the move is
> valid then he would post it to the room. If the move is not valid, you
> would get an error back. 
The problem with that is that you then cant use the MUC room for in game 


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