[Standards-JIG] Smack Jingle Development - XEP for Media Proxy negociation

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Wed Oct 25 09:37:29 UTC 2006

Hi Thiago,

You may want to further define what you call "media proxy", as this may
cover many use cases ;) It could be a proxy to a streaming service, to a
voice mail service, to a voice gateway service, etc... plus all the
equivalent for video.

If your proxy offers one of the existing media described amongst the jingle
XEPs, this is all you would need for the proxy to communicate with a jingle
client. For example, if you want to offer a voice mail proxy service, then
the proxy itself must implement XEP-166, XEP-167 as it will be a voice
proxy, and XEP-176, XEP-177 to negotiate the appropriate transport. You
would then set a redirect with the voice mail proxy service JID in your
Jingle client. When the client receives a call initiation request, it will
then redirect the negotiation to the proxy, and from then on the proxy will
act as a Jingle client.

That said, you will always have to provide discovery of the proxy's
features, and we'll have to add disco categories and features to the
But as long as the proxy itself implements the Jingle XEPs, you do not need
anything else to negotiate a proxy session for the type of media described
in the XEP. Obviously, if the proxy provides a service which have not yet
been defined by an XEP, such as voice or video streaming, we'll have to
write the relevant XEPs first.

Hope this helps


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Hello guys,

Here in Jive, we are working on Smack Jingle extension API. The first 
Pure Java Jingle API.

We start to thinking about the first Media Proxy in Java.
And we want to know if  is there a standard that describes a Media Proxy 
Session establishment?


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