[Standards-JIG] RFC 3921 Better User Presence Experience (Implementation Detail)

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Thu Oct 26 01:17:41 UTC 2006

I was wondering what you guys thought about this and if anyone already
implements something similar in their servers.

Today if my server loses connectivity with any other server and I had
received presence from a contact there they will remain online from my
perspective even though they can't actually be reached. The server knows
the contact can't be reached and sends out a stanza error to me the next
time I try to communicate with my contact. However, my contact still
appears online.

I would propose that if a server is ever unable to deliver a stanza to a
remote domain over an S2S link it SHOULD notify all locally connected
entities that have received presence from that domain with an empty
presence unavailable stanza. And this should be in the implementation
notes or maybe in 3921.



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