[Standards-JIG] RFC 3921 Better User Presence Experience (Implementation Detail)

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Thu Oct 26 20:25:25 UTC 2006

JD Conley schrieb:
> I would propose that if a server is ever unable to deliver a stanza to a
> remote domain over an S2S link it SHOULD notify all locally connected
> entities that have received presence from that domain with an empty
> presence unavailable stanza. And this should be in the implementation
> notes or maybe in 3921.
> Thoughts?

I thought about it today. I think that this would be wrong. Sending
unavailable presence has the semantic meaning of "entity is offline". -
But a server not being able to deliver a stanza, does not know if the
other end is offline - it only knows, that it knows nothing.

I think we should think about something like sending a <presence
type="error"/> in that case. This would allow the entity that subscribed
to the presence, to decide on how to react on this situation. E.g. a muc
comonent could throw the user out of a room, while a client could mark
the contact to have unknown state.

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