[Standards-JIG] RFC 3921 Better User Presence Experience(Implementation Detail)

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Fri Oct 27 14:11:31 UTC 2006

Hi Mridul!

Mridul schrieb:
> If local server talks to say 100 remote servers over s2s, each hosting
> say 10k users - the requirements for the local server shoot up
> dramatically.

You do not have to store all remote users, but just the users, your
users are subscribed to, and that are online.

Most subscriptions are symetric (subscription state "both"). In that
case you have to store the users already anyway as the server has to
send unavailable presence to all these users, if local user goes
offline. For the symetric subscriptions, it's just an additional bit as
a flag in this list per entry.

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