[Standards-JIG] RFC 3921 Better User PresenceExperience (Implementation Detail)

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Fri Oct 27 23:39:04 UTC 2006

Jean-Louis Seguineau schrieb:
> As to reporting back the abnormal state, using an "error" of some sort is
> IMO the way to go, as it allow for a clear differentiation between the
> presence and the connectivity state (see Mathias post). 
> As a side effect, we also need to get away from the idea of it breaking
> existing client implementation. I believe we should always make our best at
> minimizing the impact or new extensions, but there are cases, such as this
> one, where clients will have to be adapted for a better experience.

Clients already get <presence type='error'/> stanzas in other cases (see
my post some minutes ago). Therefore receiving a error-presence should
not harm any existing client.

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