[Standards-JIG] An XMPP Race Condition most Vexing

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sat Oct 28 13:02:38 UTC 2006

Jean-Louis Seguineau schrieb:
> Chris, beyond the fact that everyone will appreciate the irony of getting
> WS-Transaction "for free" in other protocols ;) I believe you have an
> excellent point here: sooner or later some applications built on top of XMPP
> will require transactions.

I just wanted to note, that I am not against defining a XEP, that will
allow us to have transactions on top of XMPP, but we do not need to use
them for subscription management (I even think we don't need it for any
of the XMPP features, but it's true that protocols on top of XMPP might
profit if there is a transaction XEP).

If we would require subscription state changes to use transactions, we
would even get into problems if a user wants to remove his account
(which implies removing all subscriptions) but the server of one of his
contacts is gone.

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