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Fri Sep 1 09:06:51 UTC 2006

> > > I don't think there should be too much about the game. Interested
> > > people will have a separate server browser anyway, which tells the
> > > current map and how many free slots, ping of the server, 
> etc. The JEP
> > > should concentrate on the the user and how to join the user.
> >
> > Agreed.
> May I ask why?  Do you disagree that this is a particular opportunity
> in the gaming industry?  Maybe I'm trying to stuff too much into the
> intent of this JEP, and another one with a broader focus would be
> appropriate...

Yes, it might be an opportunity in the gaming industry. 

For such an opportunity we need a really useful spec and a really good and widely deployed client. Most of us are not experts in designing IM clients specifically for the need of gamers. We would need hard core gamers of different games to tell us what kind of information a real gamer would like to see. I (as a level 60 WoW player) can only make informed guesses. But I am far from a hard core gamer, because I am not doing any high level content. My knowledge is even worse in the FPS field. We would need advice from a regular CS and BF player. So, if anyone with such skills is listening, please speak up. 

We also would have to at least investigate XFire, because this is THE IM for gamers. They have a few million $ VC and have been bought by MTV for 102 M$ recently. Developed by gamers for gamers with a few million installations. 

If we talk about real time information about the game server we add additional complexity. Such information is not always freely available. Depending on the game, implementors would need access to the game server, information about their protocols, or reverse engineering of existing server browsers.

I am just cautious. It is very easy to screw up, because of lack of detailed knowledge in this field. Screwing up would not be too bad, just a waste of time. Therefore I would not even try to conquer the game world without serious advice from serious gamers. Anything else would be a toy.


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