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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The idea is that this extension is a way to tell interested others that
> you're playing this particular game right now -- not to provide static
> information about the games you play in general. IMHO the static data
> belongs in JEP-0154 (or extended fields for the data forms in JEP-0154).

You may as well extend this JEP out to any application, otherwise we
could end up seeing something like:

  <game xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/gaming'>
     <name>Microsoft Excel</name>
     <uri>excel:// model.xls</uri>
     <level>financial model.xls</level>

Defining some sort of madlib for this might be best: "I'm currently in
(1)___________ using/playing (2)___________ with (3) ____________ out of
(4)____________ others on (5) ______________".

1: Level, file, region, etc. (noun/identifier)
2: Application (proper noun)
3: Number of active players/users (number)
4: Maximum number of players (number > 3)
5: The server (URI)

This may as well get defined in general terms, otherwise we'll have one
abused and contorted format, or two separate formats describing the same

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