[Standards-JIG] Behaviour when sending a message to a negative priority resource

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Mon Sep 11 08:50:27 UTC 2006

Mickael Remond schrieb:
> I was wondering what is the correct behaviour in the following case, but
> did not manage to find the correct reference.

RFC 3921, 11.1 clause 1:

If the JID is of the form <user at domain/resource> and an available 
resource matches the full JID, the recipient's server MUST deliver the 
stanza to that resource.

This is the first step when delivering messages, therefore I'd say that 
the message gets delivered to the specified resource, even if the 
priority of this resource's presence is negative.

If the client is not able to handle messages, it should "bounce" the 
message back to the sender by generating a message of type error.

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