[Standards-JIG] Re: stream restarts

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Sep 15 19:04:55 UTC 2006

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>> Yeah, Joe already pointed that out to a reply to my mail. I had to agree
>> with him as well.
>> Someone telling me that it would be because of some libraries having
>> problems else was that astonishing for me, that I did not think about
>> other valid reasons to restart the stream.
>> It seems also very common with other protocols, that they do a complete
>> restart of their connection. (Well for SASL they most of the time do it
>> only if a security layer has been established, but ...)
> But I don't think we need it in JEP-0138.

i agree.
But if we have only one case where we don't need the stream reset then i 
think it's not worth to change/extend the protocol now. It could confuse 
other programmers.


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