[Standards-JIG] email best practices JEP

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Fri Sep 22 15:23:01 UTC 2006


> It's difficult to 
> implement role-based or shared JIDs, e.g. for use by a help 
> desk. 

There's JEP-0142 (workgroups) that's meant to address this. It's way
better than what you get through email lists, IMHO. Our implementation
of the JEP is Fastpath -- http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/fastpath/
which works on top of Wildfire.


> > Is there any reason why XMPP (with some more enhancements) 
> can't be at 
> > least as "good" as email at everything email does - if we 
> make that our goal?
> I'm more interested in making use of the similarity between 
> JIDs and email addresses, so that it's easy for people to use 
> whichever protocol is most appropriate at any point in time. 
> But don't let that stop you working through the above todo list :-)
> Tony.
> --

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