[Standards] s2s and gracelessly broken streams

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Thu Apr 5 17:19:18 UTC 2007

> Again, XEP-0198 ought to handle this case - there's no explicit
> negotiation of how long the client might be out of coverage, though -
> does this need to be there?

We do this today in our own application layer (simple SOAP web services)
that wrap XMPP for mobile applications and it's quite useful. The client
just tells the web service how long it's allowed to be disconnected for
certain events to fire. 1) lower priority presence/idle message 2)
offline. The web service client proxy manages the XMPP c2s situation

Now, whether or not we want to bring this type of functionality into the
realm of XMPP, I'm not sure.


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