[Standards] Jabber (PEP) for social network?

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Mon Apr 9 17:41:10 UTC 2007

> So, basically, here's my lego set: a presence-enabled website (with
> http binding + javascript for example, doesn't matter), a server only
> for bots and components (no user registered there), some large
> xmpp-providers, who do not know of me, and users with existing desktop
> (web etc) clients which aren't to be disturbed with my own protocol,
> except for some granted event notifications, which are enabled from
> the web interface.
> How could I build a lego-house from these?

If you've got the user's credentials you could do it. You could create
your own PubSub service, login as the user, request roster (but no
presence), and synchronize your own local PubSub service accordingly...
You could also add your bot/service to their roster and setup presence
subscriptions for them. Then messages from the bot would probably be
trusted by the client software.

However, the event notifications would probably have to be pretty plain
Jane XHTML-IM messages with hyperlinks to your site.


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