[Standards] Re: IDNA text for rfc3920bis

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Apr 13 19:49:23 UTC 2007

Mridul wrote:
> Matthias Wimmer wrote:
>> Hi Alexander!
>> Alexander Gnauck schrieb:
>>> I agree that we should solve the problem. The easiest would be to 
>>> forbid the dot at the end. Are there use cases where it would make 
>>> sense to use a Jid of the format "user at server.org." ?
>> I don't think that there is a real use-case for a dot at the end. The 
>> dot at the end explicitly states that when resolving the domain the 
>> configured (on Unix in /etc/resolv.conf) domain searchpath should NOT 
>> be used.
>> But as we always use full domains in the JIDs and not just hostnames, 
>> there is no need to explicitly state that its an absolute domain.
>>> I am fine with both, so i am not biased to one of the possible 
>>> solutions.
> Hi Matthias,
>  Totally agree, forbidding dot at the end makes a lot of sense in xmpp's 
> context and having it there does not solve anything (other than 
> potentially introducing problems that is).

In my working copy I have added the following sentence:

    If the domain identifier is a fully qualified domain
    name, the final character of the domain identifier MUST NOT be any
    character that is recognized as a dot, i.e., U+002E (full stop),
    U+3002 (ideographic full stop), U+FF0E (fullwidth full stop), or
    U+FF61 (halfwidth ideographic full stop); i.e., the domain name MUST
    NOT include an explicit zero-length root label as described in


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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