[Standards] Data Forms Discovery

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 17:26:51 UTC 2007

While implementing XEP-0004, I ran through a scenario in my head.  Let's say
a bot wants to present a survey or voting form to a user.  The preferred
presentation would be literally a form, but let's say the bot can present
and interpret standard <message><body/></message> stanzas as well.  The bot
has, with the current XEP, no way of reliably knowing whether the client
supports jabber:x:data stanzas.  Additionally, since jabber:x:data stanzas
are acceptable within message, presence, and iq stanzas (although iq stanzas
generally the context of another feature and namespace), the bot would have
to prompt the user manually for a preference of form data or raw data, to
which the user may not know how to respond.

Ideally, the the bot would be able to do a Service Discovery #info query to
the end user and look for the results of jabber:x:data,
jabber:message:x:data, jabber:presence:x:data, or something similar in the
resulting features.  Perhaps simply jabber:x:data would be enough, although
it would have to mean that Data Forms are acceptable within the
jabber:client namespace, and would not be inferred from support of another
protocol like XEP-0146.

Any thoughts?
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