[Standards] XEP-0065: SOCKS5 acknowledgement after stream activation

Alex Wenckus alex at jivesoftware.com
Mon Apr 30 22:50:14 UTC 2007


While the XEP does appear to call for two acknowledgements, one when the
target successfully connects to the proxy and another from the host when
it successfully connects to the proxy, I also have found that no one
implements this. The way it is handled in Openfire/Spark is that we wait
for any content across the wire after the Stream Host acknowledgement,
and consider that to be acknowledgement that the stream is active. Would
that behavior be adequate for your proposed use case?


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According to XEP-0065, Section 4.9: after activation of the bytestream
by the 

  The Proxy MUST then send SOCKS5 acknowledgement of the connection to
  the Target.

  Example 19. StreamHost Acknowledges Connection to Target

    STATUS = X'00'

I can see that it may be interesting for the target to know when the
stream is 
active, i.e. when the initiator established its connection to the proxy.
would be handy for bi-directional or reverse streams.

However, it seems this is not inline with the SOCKS5 spec[1], e.g.
after the proxy acknowledged the connection to the target (Section 4.6
XEP-0065) the stream is ready to be used as far as SOCKS5 is concerned.
calling this a 'SOCKS5 acknowledgement' is wrong, IMHO.

Further, it appears neither of the clients I tested against
Gajim, Tkabber) nor proxy65 are sending or expecting such additional
(if it were SOCKS5, it'd be at least two bytes: X'05', X'00').

Is this a left-over from an earlier revision? Would peeple be interested
in a 
(in-band?) stream-active notification from stream host to target?


[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1928

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