[Standards] JID Escaping

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Thu Aug 2 16:17:39 UTC 2007

Hi Peter!

Peter Saint-Andre schrieb:
>> I think the arguments against this way already have been said. In short:
>> - We are used to type in full JIDs as a whole for addressing. 
> We are?!?
> I have never seen a Jabber client that expects you to type in a full JID
> in order to (say) send someone a message or add someone to your roster.
> That's always done based on bare JID (user at host).

I expect that you anyway understood what I wanted to say. My misstake to 
use the term "full JID" which is already defined otherways. With full 
JIDs in my sentence above I just refered to "not entering just a 
username but a username at domain address".

>> Therefore
>> with full escaping (including '@' and '/' ) we get ambiguous addresses.
> That is true for full JIDs. But typically these are not shown to the end
> user and I have never seen a way for a client to accept these for things
> like sending message or roster additions.

Sorry? All clients I tried so far do accept it if you enter a full JID 
(now really a full JID) when sending a message.

>> - \20stpeter at jabber.org is an allowed JID by XMPP, but somehow
>> prohibited by JID escaping XEP. It is not very clear how to handle this
>> when doing unescaping. Not unescaping? Then we need an exception for the
>> escaping rules again, that when reescaping, this does not have to be
>> encoded as \2f20stpeter at jabber.org.
> Yes, that case is messy. We added it to XEP-0106 mostly to handle an odd
> gateway case for LDAP, not native XMPP addresses. I'm open to removing
> it for native addresses.

Again some reason to separate the mapping case from the case where we 
want to allow new characters in addresses.

>> That's why my recommendation is:
>> - Use XEP-0106 only for gatewaying external identifiers to traditional
>> JID addresses, but don't to unescaping at any other point then the
>> gateway again. (Especially not in clients or other user interfaces.)
> What would you call the case of re-using an existing identifier (e.g.,
> email address) as a JID? Is that "gatewaying"?


>> - For introducing needed characters in node parts (e.g. the "'" indeed
>> is a good example what could be needed) find a better and cleaner way to
>> introduce them.

This is the case for re-using an existing identifier.

> Alternatively we could define version 2 of nodeprep so that the desired
> characters are allowable.

That's exactly what I proposed in my previous mail. Just with the fact 
that I also said, that we need a stream feature, so that servers may 
detect which version of nodeprep the other side of the stream where 
stanzas are delivered to is using.

I'll formalize this and try to write a XEP proposal.


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