[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Stanza Size Limits

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Aug 2 21:11:59 UTC 2007

Robin Redeker wrote:

> How are clients supposed to figure out what stanzas they can _send_
> to the server btw.? Is that covered by this XEP or some other XEP?
> In case of eg. private XML storage (or any other stanza) it might be
> desireable for a client to know the limit _before_ it sends the XML
> to the server.

As I said, I think this would apply only to outbound stanzas. But a
server implementation could limit it further if desired.

> If I imagine I sent a large stanza and the server suddently tells me 
> it's too big, does the server disconnect me then? 

Up to the server. If you're abusive, probably. If this is the first time
and you didn't know what the limit was, probably not.

> Does it ignore the 
> rest of the too big stanza so that I can continue sending other
> smaller stanzas? 

Probably a good idea.

> How is the client supposed to react on that
> <stanza-too-big> error?

Store the limit and don't violate it again, I'd say.


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