[Standards] summary: allowable characters

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Thu Aug 2 23:08:06 UTC 2007

Dnia 03-08-2007, pią o godzinie 00:28 +0200, Robin Redeker napisał(a):
> There exists no real easy way to prevent that except just not allowing
> 'stpeter @jabber.org' to register. To detect a case like this, that a
> new user with a colliding JID registers, the 1.1 server needs to keep
> track of the old JIDs in his database.

There is really no difference whether you're colliding an 1.0 username,
or 1.1.
>From the connecting 1.0 server perspective it does not matter.

So on 1.1 server you just unescape the requested username and check for
collision. If there is one, you deny the request.

As for the whole idea.
The escaping-unescaping is going to happen completely behind the scene,
on the server side on both s2s and c2s connections. On the 1.1 side.
It's the 1.1 endpoint (no matter if it is server or client) to do
escaping sent data and unescaping received data when it talks with 1.0.
- We have unchanged 1.0 servers
- We have unchanged 1.0 clients (it's users need to escape manually)
- We have interoperability 1.0 <-> 1.1
- We have all possible characters in the nodepart of the JID
Looks good to me.

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.  http://www.xiaoka.com/

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