[Standards] MUC rooms on roster.

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Fri Aug 3 08:13:20 UTC 2007

I was talking with Grégoire Menuel (mu-conference developer) about
implementing Peter's idea of MUC rooms as items on the roster.

Basically the idea is to teach MUC component to answer to subscription
So when you add room at conference.server/nick to the roster and send the
subscribe request, MUC server replies subscribed+subscribe to you. When
you accept, you have a room on the roster with subscription "both". Next
time you broadcast your presence, you automatically join the room.

There is a problem on the client side though.
How would client know, that the presence from room at conference/* are from
room participants, not from many resources of room at conference user (not
on roster, thus ignored).

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.  http://www.xiaoka.com/

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