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Results of the XMPP Council meeting held 2007-08-08...





0. Roll Call

All Council members in attendance: Ralph Meijer, Chris Mullins, Ian
Paterson, Peter Saint-Andre, and Kevin Smith. Quorum achieved.

1. Next Meeting

Not yet scheduled, probable date is 2007-08-22.

2. XEP-0004: Data Forms

Approve version 2.9pre2?

Ralph, Chris, Ian, and Peter +1 with revisions discussed in the meeting.
Kevin to vote on the list.

3. XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe

Approve version 1.10pre1?

Not yet ready for a vote. Per Council discussion, Peter to (1) remove
disco#info features for access models since this is covered by disco
metadata in Section 5.4; (2) remove the formal field handling methods
for publish-options in Section 7.1.2; (3) add "How It Works" section
(similar to those recently added to XEP-0163 and XEP-0115).

4. XEP-0163: PEP

Approve version 1.1pre4?

Votes previously received from Ian, Peter, and Kevin. Ralph +1. Vote
still needed from Chris. The document will not be published until the
revised version of XEP-0060 is published.

5. XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities

Approve version 1.4pre3?

Ralph, Chris, Ian, and Peter +1. Kevin to vote on the list.

6. XEP-0084: User Avatar

Issue Last Call?

Action deferred until XEP-0060 updates are published.

7. ProtoXEP: Persisting Objects via PEP

Accept as a XEP?

No objections. To be renamed (s/PEP/Pubsub/).

8. ProtoXEP: Private Data via PEP

Accept as a XEP?

No objections. To be renamed (s/PEP/Pubsub/).

9. ProtoXEP: Getting a User's Attention

Accept as a XEP?

No objections.

10. ProtoXEP: Message Moderated Conferences

Accept as a XEP?

Peter -1, will post to standards at xmpp.org with questions, see log for

11. ProtoXEP: Managing Message Moderators in MUC Rooms

Accept as a XEP?

Peter -1, will post to standards at xmpp.org with questions, see log for

ProtoXEP: Whiteboard

Accept as a XEP?

Council consensus that this provides helpful input to standardization
but that it is not appropriate for publication on the standards track,
since it would be preferable to layer whiteboarding on top of a generic
XML editing protocol; this would enable us to define multiple different
editing applications on top of the editing layer (examples would include
whiteboarding but also things like word processing, spreadsheets, etc.).
Agreement that we need a dedicated effort to finish work on generic XML
editing, probably using something similar to Shared XML Document Editing
<http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sxde.html> and using the W3C's REX
technology <http://www.w3.org/TR/rex/>.

13. ProtoXEP: Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers

Accept as a XEP?

No objections.

14. ProtoXEP: Component Connections

Accept as a XEP?

No objections. Peter noted feedback from Matthias Wimmer regarding use
of jabber:server namespace instead of jabber:client. Ralph agreed that
this would be preferable. To discuss on standards at xmpp.org list after

15. ProtoXEP: Message Stanza Profiles

Accept as a XEP?

No objections. Peter (or Justin Karneges) to incorporate feedback before


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