[Standards] NEW: XEP-0225 (Component Connections)

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Wed Aug 8 20:45:47 UTC 2007

On Aug 8, 2007, at 1:44 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> XMPP Extensions Editor wrote:
>> Version 0.1 of XEP-0225 (Component Connections) has been released.
>> Abstract: This document specifies a standards-track XMPP protocol
>> extension that enables server components to connect to XMPP servers.
> One of the items up for discussion is the default namespace for
> component connections. At the XMPP DevCon we thought that it would be
> good to use 'jabber:client', but I know that both Matthias Wimmer and
> Ralph Meijer have some arguments for 'jabber:server'. So perhaps we
> could have a debate about that. :)

It does not quite seem to fit into either.

I know it would be a real pain, but maybe this deserves its own  
namespace?  jabber:internal, perhaps?  Or jabber:service?

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